BSE Australia Electrical Engineering Contractors

Hazardous Area Conformity Assessment

Australian permitted certification types are AUSEx which has now been superseded by ANZEx based on, and in many cases identical to the IECEx standards.  IECEx is a legally accepted form of compliance in Australia. ATEX (European), USNEC certification and other foreign certification types, unless also tested to IECEx, is NOT permitted for use in Australia without professional conformity assessment, commonly referred to as a ‘CAD’. If you are considering importing machinery and equipment from overseas for your business, it is highly recommended that you consult BSE Australia in order to prevent any unforeseen costs that could be associated with noncompliance and, safety issues. BSE Australia (Ex division Sydney) have helped many clients over the years when it comes to full compliance and have saved our clients thousands of dollars for mistakes that could have been made if not for the services of BSE Australia.