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Hazardous Area Verification Dossier

A Hazardous area verification dossier is a set of living documents showing the compliance of electrical equipment and installations. It is necessary to ensure that any installation complies with the appropriate certificates as well as with AS/NZS 60079 series of standards and any other requirements specific to the plant on which the installation takes place. To achieve this result, it is a legal requirement that a verification dossier be prepared for every installation and shall be either kept on the premises or stored in another location. In the latter case, a document shall be left on the premises indicating who the owner or owners are and where that information is kept, so that when required, copies may be obtained. In order to correctly install or extend an existing installation, Certain technical information and special conditions can be found in the verification dossier, such as, Electrical drawings, Electrical loop diagrams, intrinsically safe system concepts and calculations, P&ID’s, classification documents Ect.