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At BSE we are aware of the potential risks that are involved in working in potentially explosive areas and when it comes to safety precautions and installation practices in hazardous areas our electricians don’t cut corners.

BSE’s electricians will ensure all work is carried out strictly in compliance with the AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 60079 series of standards, so your hazardous area electrical installation is safe and fit for purpose.

What our hazardous area contractors can do for you?

If you have a plant and need assistance with the design, procurement of equipment and installation of electrical and instrumentation equipment in hazardous areas in Sydney or anywhere in Australia, we can arrange a full turnkey installation.

This means that we will manage the installation project from beginning to end, so you can concentrate on more important tasks. We will move, install and integrate electrical equipment for hazardous areas for your convenience, providing a full hazardous area electrical engineering service end to end.

What is Electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA) maintenance ?

Common environments that require hazardous area electrical maintenance are ones where potentially explosive atmospheres may be present in the form of gases, vapours or combustible dusts. In this case, all electrical installations and maintenance work needs to be carried out in accordance with some additional technical standards other than AS3000.

This supplements the requirements for normal electrical work and ensures that the work is fit for purpose and safe.

These areas include, but not limited to:

Ex d equipment maintenance, such as flame path lubrication, checking that all bolts are the same.
Periodic static earth testing of all static control and equipotential bonding equipment, making sure there is a high integrity earthing system with low resistive connections.
Replace failed or unsafe electrical parts as per the equipment certification
Ex rated Lighting maintenance
Ventilation power and control systems forming part of an Ex v installation
Hazardous Area Verification Dossiers updates and amendments
Intrinsically safe circuit and apparatus auditing
Hazardous Area Electrical installation auditing
If you’re planning a development project which you think may contain hazardous areas in Sydney, call BSE Australia.

Our team includes Hazardous Area Compliance Auditors and Specialists and we will be happy to put together a competitive quote for you.

We carry full public liability insurance for our work on electrical equipment for hazardous areas, and operate a strict health and safety policy.

We aim to be the Sydney hazardous area electricians that a range of operations can turn to for impeccably safe and efficient services, including:

Hazardous area inspection / testing and reporting/ Installations and maintenance

Specialist services in all areas including process plants, petrochemical plants, aerosol production lines, pharmaceuticals, universities, paint and coating manufacturing, and milling plants.

If you would like to discuss your particular requirements, or you would like to request a quote – please call today on 02 9606 5206.